Saturday, June 27, 2009

Musings and mumblings

G'day all!

Am in an odd mood today. Lots of musings.

Like realising that I replace human company with Stuff. I have lots of Stuff. I buy Stuff in place of having friends. I am not good at the friend thing it seems. Moving country and not having a job doens't help. I don't need so much stash or either yarn or fabric, not stuff that I don't have plans for. I have much more need to have contact with people than I have for Even More Stuff. I lurk around my email and Ravelry like a love-struck teenager waiting for a phone call, hoping someone will want to talk to me.

Yesterday I bought more Stuff (yes I know I know - what did I just say?). It is Great Stuff. Really good quality yarn at the op shop. Don't be surprised if you end up getting some of it if you are on my PIF list. Yes, I am cheap but I am supposed to be saving for our big trip in less than three months! I would show what I got but umm well someone gave someone else the camera and someone else left it at work, and the old camera has died a sad little death after well over 20,000 pics (I feel a little sad cos I liked the old camera and I knew how to drive it. The new one has sooooo many options that 9 months later I am still discovering new functions).

Yesterday we also had a discussion about friends. Do kids have more friends than adults do? I have to say that I was lucky to have one or two friends at school, and in high school I was part of a group of five girls from about year 10 to 12. We were the ones who were more interested in getting our school work done rather than hanging out with the boys (though as it turned out, one had been going out with men in their 30s when she was 16). It was only at uni that I developed a whole bunch of friends, many of whom I am still in touch with. I like that. There's a whole heap of people that I have known for over 20 years now. I don't know anyone from high school (but given how many people were decent to me there, that is no great loss!). Then moving to another country! Thank heavens for knitting cos if I didn't have that, I would know noone here.

Enough whinging. There is plenty to be thankful for, like a tolerant husband with a good job, an ankle that with a brace will let me walk for 2 or 3km and even cycle! etc, etc, etc.

Hmm, I had one more thing to show off from BSG, didn't I?


A lovely Corriedale cross fleece.

You can tell from the crimp size that it is not a fine fine wool - it is a good solid corrie which means not as fine as a merino but not exactly carpet wool either. It is amazingly clean, obviously a coated fleece but well coated, hardly any vm, a joy to process and spin! It is only half the 8lb fleece - a lady called Cynthia has the other half and the label (I could've taken a pic of the label if I had thought of it! DUH!) but I do not have her contact details. I gave her one of my mini Moo cards (I have gone into raptures about my mini Moo cards haven't I?). A person on Ravelry says the fleece is probably a Hub fleece but I have not found a website for them.

I've spun a little of this fleece up on a spindle and cabled the yarn (plied it against the plied yarn). It still is only barely a DK/8 ply weight yarn. I seem to have a mania about spinning thin yarn these days. It is a bit of a drag cos it means it takes a month to spin up 100g or so of yarn and ply it. I have so much fleece that I want to spin and at my current rate, will take about 50 years to spin it up, at which point we'll all be extinct or dead or not wanting nice woollies anyway!

I'm going away for a few days. I don't really feel like it - I have to clean up so much Stuff here before we leave - but I will enjoy the trip once we are on the road and out of the Bay area. Have a good week! We'll be back on the 4th I think.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good news and BSG stash

G'day all!

Good news!

I only have a severe sprain, not a broken ankle! Yay me! There might be a teensy chip off the bottom of the fibula but it only shows on one angle out of three and might just be me. So now I have a stiffer ankle brace and have been told I can do stuff within my tolerance and do these exercises and start these in a week or so and then come back for some physio. And I like the dr I saw and the staff are not rude so I think we have a new dr. He is a DO (Dr of Osteopathy) but does family practice too.

I am glad to say that unlike this poor egg, it seems that my ankle has not taken one for the team. (Egg broken when I dropped the handle of my two wheeled cart - I had visions of the whole carton being smashed. You cannot believe how handy I think it is to have a pic of one smashed egg in an otherwise ok carton. Thanks, I am odd. Runs in the family.)

On to the stuff you want to see! New stash! Alas the pics are in dappled sun because that is what I get here during most of the day.

This year was the 35th anniversary of the Black Sheep Gathering.
They didn't print any nice coloured tops this year except for purple windcheaters and well I live in the Bay area.... So I bought a bag instead. A newly washed bag that is now holding the curtain-in-progress. Do you like the wrinkles? Who irons bags?

A tank top (we call them singlets, like the English do I believe). It is duller in real life.

Some bits and pieces from the Bellwether (Amelia is lovely. I wish I could hang out with her!) -

wool, silk, angora cos it sounds so luscious! And I don't seem to be allergic to bunnies. Mebbe it is because my brother had them when I was a kid. Bibbitybobbityboo lived inside a lot and had a toilet behind the stereo. (Brother has rabbits now. Apparently he despises cats. The rest of us have cats.)

Four different puffs of blends of yumminess. The colours aren't good due to the dappled shade on our patio. They will actually blend into each other quite well, going from a pale mauvey-white through to purple to almost charcoal.

A needle felting kit. I think I brought my needles with me, I know I've bought some here but this is a kit with everything in one spot, so I bought it. $20 seemed like a good price. Maybe the wool fumes got to me. LOL

Next we have some...
REALLY lurid merino top and worsted weight yarn from Lavender Sheep. For some reason I had to have these, even though I am not a yellow and orange person.

A little hank of variegated yellow silk to ply my Tactile weld-dyed top against. I might put beads on the silk too after watching Morgaine from umm Carolina Homespun demonstrate spinning with beads (have a pic of the resulting yarn to dig out of the weekend's pics). oooh la la!

Some natural coloured cottons from Tactile. Lots of twist I am told! I particularly like the green one. Which top rubbed itself all over the inside of the BSG bag *and* Nathan's new black tshirt? %sigh%

A pot of olivey green dye from my favourite dye company. Alas their office/warehouse/factory burned down in the Black Saturday fires back 'ome and they have not been able to get production going again so far (it's four months now). I hope that I have some of their bright yellow (Wattle) cos it is out of stock everywhere and I use CMYK dyeing not RBY dyeing. The other yellows are just not as clear and bright.

I also contributed to the local economy. Two tshirts for Nathan
(the print doesn't really have DASS across it but I wanted to make sure noone ripped it off)

Holy guacamole! Look at this for a tie-dyed shirt!

Nathan thinks it is great, so do I. It was dyed by a chap, Owen van Hooser, who runs Dyeing to Live (reminds me of my yahoo dyeing group - dyehappy). He calls it a solar flare. I got it and my one at the Saturday Market that I had been encouraged to go to. It is a fantastic craft market but they also have food, organic vegies and fruits, plants (even native ones) and all sorts of goodies.

I also got me a green robot cat tshirt
(Surely you don't want me to iron my tshirts?)

Plus I needed something other than cable tv to occupy my evenings. I had hobbled past a secondhand bookshop in my travels, so I popped in there and bought me a new book (cos I couldn't chuse an old one cos there were too many to process). "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." It is very bizarre! And amusing.

I found a great quilt shop, Piece by Piece Fabrics. They have a fantastic range of contemporary fabrics. These followed me home:

And then they said there is a yarn shop back up the way (the way I had come from on 13th street). Tarnation! So I had to turn around and go back to find Soft Horizons Fiber (yelp link), where I bought this happily lurid Schoppel Wolle single ply sock yarn (rather like Mini Mochi only not as soft)

Hmm, that is it except for the fleece and a giftie that I am not showing off! The fleece is for a separate post because I might have a little spindle spun yarn by the end of the day. Someone suggested using a spindle to spin with since sprained ankles and spinning wheels don't agree. What an idea! I have a CD spindle and one turned spindle (which just so happened to be by my seat along with the dog rake that I flick fleece with) so I started spindling! My shoulders are rubbish so standing up is much easier for me spindling. It is better than not spinning at all when all this calls to me!

After this enormous post, I have to link to this gallery advertising Sascha Baron Cohen's new movie, Bruno. Be warned, it is not for work and not for the faint of heart but it does involve knitting! Also be on the look out for pics from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. It is another Tim Burton movie and looks *fantastic* (whether or not it really is, the design is amazing). And Danny Elfman is doing the music.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OMG I forgot!

G'day all!

Thus begins my 732nd day of captivity in the USA.

Yes, that is right. Two years and a day ago, we landed in LAX and flew across to Denver to be driven up to Fort Collins. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of moving to the US.



I meant to do a big post but ahem, well I forgot!

So, how has it been living in the US?

Well, we've learned a lot about how different places do things differently. I think we've become more resolutely Australian. We are still learning cultural stuff. I think we can say we've got a network of friends, even a couple that we can rely on! We've been amazed at how such a rich country can't keeps its roads mended (we've driven on some totally shocking roads - interstate highways no less! - and know why Americans have to buy new cars regularly - the old ones get shaken to bits). We've been amazed at the sheer quantity of resources here, how blessed America is with natural resources, and how (quite frankly) they are squandered because they are so plentiful. This country is totally amazing.

But I still miss my Home. I miss Fort Collins too. Wonder if I'll miss California when we leave here? 8-)

(There used to be a contest here but I took it away cos I am feeling huffy. And overextended. I realised that I have wotisit running along with the pay it forward thing (NOBODY wants anything made by me) and then a competition that noone has entered after three days. Y'know this is not the best way to feel appreciated. I am not sure why only maybe one or two of the supposed 100 people a day who read this blog bother commenting (and those who do comment are people I know or have come to know online over the years). I can only assume it is because my stuff is crap and not worth it and because I don't reply to every comment due to the blogger not capturing email address problems. I should just get over myself.)


Now just to make sure you get your daily fibre content, here's a pic of some Crown Mountain Farm's Peggy Sue merino top.

Can you see why I am peeved about not being able to spin? The chiro is concerned about not being able to unlock my heel bone and I am very tender on the fibula. I am thinking I'll have to go to the dr to get xrays done but I reallllllly loathe going to the doctor. It costs a bomb, they treat me like I am an idiot or a lump of meat, they blackmail me into getting tests done before they will write scripts, and there are so few of them around here - there are at least three chiros within half a mile of here but not one doctor. It is hard to shop for a good new doctor when they are so far apart. Any locals got a recommendation for a doctor? (oh and then they have to be part of the Aetna network too.) I have a car, I can drive it to the doctor.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wotisit 7 Tuesday edition

G'day all!

Last time's wotisit was pretty tricksy!


It looks like flames but is actually a cultivar of an Australian native, a strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum). They are readily available in Australia and at least Colorado, Oregon and California in the States. They are daisies and have flowers that are stiff and dry readily, hence the name common name strawflower.

This week's wotisit is:


What? There's a hint here, if you need a little guessing help!

Pop me an email with your guess by next Monday - natiel311 at gmaildotcom.

I am editing pics like mad at the moment. Expect a thousand fairly pointless blog posts. I am bored witless - I can't go out much cos of this stupid ankle, I can't ride my bike either, the chiro is a bit concerned about not being able to unlock my heel.... ice, rest and boredom! Even if a local said they would visit, I wouldn't let them in the place cos between my projects and Nathan's, there is nowhere tidy, getting to the spare seats is an issue and I can't even do the vacuuming! And two weeks ago, it was all under control. %sigh%.


There can be only one

G'day all!

A real quickie in between playing with fleece and getting pics of the weekend's purchases together.

Three people commented on my pass it on or pay it forward post. Two are already on my list to get stuff, plus a third who didn't comment. The third (Leonie) has a blog, so she is good to go! I said I would do this for five but I only have four people.

Is there noone else in the world who would like something made by me or a RAOK in the next six months?

You must have a current and active blog so I can figure out what sort of things you like. I don't want to send you a hand-sewn bag with a brown lizard print if you hate brown and are terrified of lizards.

Hopefully I am off to the chiro AGAIN today. I swear that our insurance is funding her child's college education (the kid is only three months old mind). Gotta get this ankle sorted. She does a much better job than any doctor I've been to - they say RICE and take anti-inflammatories and sometimes send me to a physio (they help some) but the chiro actually puts everything back the way it should be! After a weekend of watching people spinning - there were wheels and spindles EVERYWHERE - I am itching (mebbe that should be hopping) to get back to some spinning but with a crook ankle, I can't. Tomorrow I have to go into town and show an insurance agent where I fell off the ramp at the light rail station. Fun fun fun!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Ode to Joy

G'day all!

I guess this starts the trip report for Black Sheep Gathering.

Odd that it should start at the end...

So on Sunday afternoon, when I had Well and Truly Had Enough, I sat down to watch the last fibre demo for the day. A lady called Janis Thompson from Dyelots showed how she blends carded batts.

Oh boy. For some reason this really tickled me pink! I won't say how she does what she does cos that is part of her class stuff but I was so enthused! Why don't I have a drum carder and lots of luscious fleece and stuff to put through it! Oh wait, I do! But the drum carder is in Oz and the fleece and stuff is split between the two. I really don't want to buy another drum carder here, especially cos I am looking at $400 and up (getting a good second hand carder is next to impossible these days cos so many people are into spinning now). That is a lot of money.

So anyway, she manouevers the batts in such a way as to make a long snake.

The snake gets longer

and longer

and then she winds it into a ball.

I am not sure why - it is actually a bit ugly I reckon - but I just went SQUEE! And so did a Lady of a Certain Age. The lady asked if Janis would sell it (yes) and how much it would be ($24). The LoaCA looked at me and said "I'll split it with you - I can see you will be disappointed if you don't get some of it!"

How lovely!

So I coughed up $12 and walked away with my last purchase.

And I tossed it between my hands

And I threw it in the air a little

And I squeed

And I smiled at it

And it glimmered back at me

And I tossed it in the air a little more

And I admired it

And everyone who saw me with it smiled at me cos I was so obviously squeeing over it. Even the people at the fish and chip shop stopped me to have a chat about it. (I wouldn't expect a threesome who are clearly into alternate culture to be into someone squeeing over a ball of roving but they were!)


It got a little squished on the trip home. And I am sure I lost some just by squeeing over it. And I still think it is not pretty but I adore it and can't wait to start spinning it (stupid ankle!)



Happiness is...

Coming home from a weekend away and finding:




(a new shelf for the cheap bookcase. Why no it doesn't match but I don't exactly care. I expect the pine shelf will last somewhat longer than the rest of the bookshelf.)

(We are ignoring the tools all over the floor and the stuff I have already fallen over twice)

Plus a hubby at the train station (slightly late but I was exactly on time! Way to go Amtrak!) Wuv, twue wuv! A dweam wivvin a dweam...


In breaking news,

if you remember this young chap....

(Apparently he's even more eye-candyish now... could that even be possible?)

Well in Paris over the weekend in open competition (aka the Paris Open),
Men's 200 breast finals:
1 CALDER Craig Australie 2:13.28 -
30.52 (30.52) 1:04.02 (33.50) 1:38.33 (34.31) 2:13.28 (34.95)
2 DUBOSCQ Hugues France 2:13.52 +0.24
30.14 (30.14) 1:03.90 (33.76) 1:38.18 (34.28) 2:13.52 (35.34)
3 VERSFELD Neil Afrique du Sud 2:13.54 +0.01
30.24 (30.24) 1:04.62 (34.38) 1:39.02 (34.40) 2:13.54 (34.52)

Woot! My own flesh and blood won an open comp at world level! It's not a world record and not even a PB but it is a gold medal! Someone related to me! What a chap :-)

(I'll be back with a report on Black Sheep Gathering - don't expect a lot of pics from the gathering itself though cos I developed camnesia, LOL)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good things

G'day all!

Good things have been happening in the last day.

I found the missing pin that I dropped the other day. Why yes, it was stuck in my foot but at least I know it won't bite me some time in the future!

I found my lost Lenore! She has been missing for many many months. I even knitted another unpair of Lenores, the first time I've ever knitted the same sock pattern again. I was digging through one of my bags and voila! There it was! Just to show you that I do have two Lenores in their original colourway, I give you:
(the newly returned one is in the lingerie bag waiting to be washed)

Just to prove it,
and see? Two! Two blurry socks! It is a bit hard to see that one is shorter than the other but it is.

More good things:

* I am almost completely packed and ready to go to Black Sheep.

* I can walk (with the ankle brace for back up - I took it off to shower and it was scared the whole time. It has a pretty bruise and swelling under the ankle bone). I won't take the spinning wheel cos I am still a little challenged with pressing my foot on stuff (like the brake pedal as I found out earlier. No I didn't crash. It just hurt, but it didn't mind pressing the go-go gadget).

(Something that is amazing me is that I am not enjoying driving the car around town. It is DULL DULL DULL! There's other cars that do dumb things. There are traffic lights all over the place. Where there are not traffic lights there are multi-way stops (America learn about roundabouts please!). I can't knit. I often can't drive either cos the lights are red or some d!ckhead is doing something really dumb in front of me and I just have to sit and wait. No wonder I am taking the bus places cos then the driver has to deal with the traffic, not me. I just sit and knit away!)

* A small lizard came to visit our patio



Isn't he a cutie! Look at those long toes! He's lost and regrown his tail at some point - it doesn't match his body. The only way he could be better is if he was the gopher snake I saw last week. It is almost certainly a Western Fence Lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis, aka Blue Belly. Alas I didn't see if it is blue underneath as it is a very fast runner and I most certainly am not, especially at the moment... These are the little lizards I've seen in lots of places. They do push ups as a territorial display - really quite funny when this lizard that is no longer than your hand shows off how tough it is with a few push ups - go away you big thing! See how tough I am! Grr!

Before I go away for a looong weekend, I decided to join in

I got it from Bellsknits.The rules: It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time. So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.

So here is my favourite photo of me:

As usual it has us in it. We are standing not on top of one of the Rockies but on a high plain somewhere off the Trail Ridge Road, which runs across a ridge in the Colorado Rockies. It is a grand drive and one that I never blogged, not that we did it all! It is also a scary drive cos storms can drive in really quickly and pound the crap out of your (rental) car even when you try to hide it behind a toilet block to avoid the golf ball hailstones. Anyway, the pic reminds me of a happy time, we were high in the mountains (11,000 feet or more) and everything was hunky dorey. Magnificent scenery abounded. I have very fond memories of the Rockies and Colorado (hailstorms not necessarily included but they did make it special!). I wish we lived in such a scenic spot now but where we are has distinct advantages even if it isn't particularly pretty.

If you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged! And remember to haveagoodweekend!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I care not for this week

Bring me another week!

This has not been a good week so far. It started off quite well, with me finding I can survive riding 25km dragging the bike trailer in various states of loading and not suffering badly the next day (unless you count the never ending EATING that followed for the next day and a half!).

Then on Tuesday I rolled over in my sleep and managed to rotate my ribs on one side whilst the other side stayed put. I don't know how that is possible but two or three ribs were not sitting where they should be = can't breathe, shoulder whackiness and lower back spasms! Yay me! (Much better after seeing the chiro)

Tuesday I had planned to go into town with Nathan and take pics of the jacarandas that I saw on Sunday. I got as far as the chiro (half a mile) and back.

Today (Wednesday) I went into town with DH so I could take photos of the jacarandas.


Aren't they lovely?


I'll let you admire them.



Some even had knitted tree-warmers on them! (more pics on flickr)


These photos have come at a great price.

I rolled my ankle really badly after getting off the light rail. I didn't notice that I was on the edge of a ramp and stepped sideways to let a man with a laundry/shopping cart go by.

OMG (that needs another letter in there but I don't say that word ;-) Usually I roll my ankle and keep on walking.

Not this time! I had to hobble back up the ramp and sit down and whimper to myself for a couple of minutes as I rubbed it and it wailed at me. I think I clonked the end of my ?fibula (outside/lateral ankle bone or is it only tibia there?) on the ground. It hurt a bit (ok more than a bit). I wanted to wail back. I'm supposed to be going to Black Sheep Gathering this weekend and my hotel is a mile from the fairgrounds and I haven't been able to find if a bus runs nearby either end of my journey and now walking is going to be an Issue!

So I hobbled off to a very nearby gym but they didn't have any cold packs, then I found a use for Starbucks! (I don't drink coffeee, sacrilege I agree but I cannot stand bitter to the point of gagging.) Yes, they have ice! So I bought a bottle of water and asked for some ice, then iced my ankle for 10 minutes or so (until it reallllly hurt cos not only was it sadly abused but it was now really cold too) and hobbled back to the light rail and up one stop to buy an ankle brace and go and whinge at the transport authority for not marking the edge of the ramps with paint or anything. I iced more, hobbled off, iced more, hobbled off and got the pics of the jacarandas.

I note that noone tried to help me, not the man whose way I fell out of, not the people on the light rail station, noone.

It took me over two hours to get home - a trip that normally takes half an hour but I missed my light rail and had to wait for nearly half an hour, I missed the bus (cos why would the train and bus connect???) and missed the next one whilst visiting the ladies.... Normally I walk the one kilometre from the train but today I had to wait for the bus. My ankle hurts, my knees both hurt (one cos the fibula copped it, one cos it managed to catch my weight before I fell headfirst onto the road...). I am not a happy camper! All because I was Nice to an old man who didn't even have the manners to enquire if I was OK.

But at least the jacarandas were pretty. And I got to reknit all the half of the hat that I ripped out this morning. And my ideas of bringing my spinning wheel with me to BSG have died a death cos I won't be able to spin for a few days - that is sorta convenient in a way. Heck if I can't walk, *I* won't be going to BSG either!

Is this my week or what? Is something trying to tell me something? If so, what is the message? If you go to Black Sheep Gathering you will die? Who has made the little voodoo doll of me and why did you try to rip my ankle off after doing weird things to my ribs?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm having a pout now. DH was going to drinks at 5pm.

At 8:30 he still isn't home. He has probably had dinner after I've cooked an enormous tofu curry.

He was out last night too.

I am going out tomorrow night cos I am sick of being ignored. The fortnightly knitty get together beckons! I can go and TALK TO PEOPLE! My god. Imagine that! Real people! I talked to my chiro almost not stop today (apart from breath in, hold, all the way out...) for 45 minutes.

In two nights I will be on the Amtrak on my way to Black Sheep.

Wonder if DH will miss me at all?

Seeing spots

G'day all!

I'm sitting here, feeling sore, editing pics when I start wondering if I am going to do something like faint. Not that I ever have (though once was close!). I was seeing black spots before my eyes.

Nope, not fainting. There are black spots before my eyes. They are known as flies. There's a bunch of flies that hang around under the shade of the birch trees. Sometimes they move along and hang around under the ornamental pears. Sometimes they come inside here cos I leave the door open cos it gets warm inside. Our place is not a meat safe. It also does not have anything to attract flies apart from shade.

I've been beavering away at the Neatby Faroese shawl for my LYS. My progress up to today has been steady. I've now completed 40% of it and it is too wide to be stretched out on the 1.2m long needles.


My knitting progress today is slow. My progress on anything is very slow. I did something odd to my shoulder or ribs last night and boy am I still paying for it! Ouchies! If I breathe in quickly, yikes! If I stretch down (as in putting on socks or undies, OUCH!). If I move the other shoulder the wrong way, eek! But it isn't my back, just the lower shoulder blade area. I have fantastic black rings under my eyes too. Blasted pale skin. Betrays me every time.


But the shawl is still pretty and the cashmere is to die for.

Did I say that I am going to Black Sheep Gathering? I have everything booked and am still trying to figure out how to drag the spinning wheel up there. I think I will go buy a wheeled duffel bag that is a bit shorter than usual and stick the wheel in that. Then it can go in the overhead luggage rack and also be mobile. I have to practise for the Sock Summit y'see. But first I need this rib fixed. Stupid blasted body. When asked what they would change about their body, most women say "bigger boobs" "smaller boobs" "lose weight" "face job" etc etc. That sort of thing doesn't fuss me. I am what ah yam. I often wonder if I'd prefer to have no coeliac/dairy intolerance or have a less bendy/stretchy/uncooperative body. Is eating anything I want more important to me or being pain free?

Now I wait until 5pm. Hooray for back cracking! Boo hiss to stupid ribs!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Fo and a new photographic low

G'day all!

I know that you all visit my blog to see my most excellent photography. Crap lighting, crap subjects and today I can show you a NEW LOW! Yes, I have to yell it.

(Oh and wotisit it taking a little break simply cos I forgot to get a macro or even odd shot of soething well known.)

So over the last weekend, we've done a lot of tromping in and out of the house. This means that at the door there is a bit of a build up of Floor Bits. I usually take my pics by the door cos it is the best lighting I can get apart from sitting on the concrete where a cat threw up a hairball, which promptly stuck to the concrete and now I can't remove the danged thing. (I've tried water and scrubbing with a broom, scraping with a trowel...) Now I could have vacuumed the carpet by the door to make it Noice but that means emptying the Dyson. And after riding about 25km yesterday with the bike trailer and for three or so of those kays pulling two heavy bags in the trailer (and they were heavy! Nathan's intern has arrived for summer and I think he packed some lead weights), that was Too Much Effort.

Instead I grabbed an empty Salvo's bag that I have to refill and throw back at them. It's sorta white. It's sorta flat, well not very. (What I hear you say a white sheet? But they are on the bed and need a wash! The other sheets are anything but white. I only bought these cos they were organic and on deep discount.) It makes a qwality shot I tells ya!

Enjoy the socks!


They are knitted out of Merino 5 on a 54 stitch or so variant of my usual toe up sock pattern with a variant of the mini mochi sock pattern. Details, such as they are, on Ravelry.


Do you like how the pattern spacing changes as I made the gap between the decreases and the increases larger?





(We watched a Star trek ep a couple of nights ago. My goodness nearly 30 years after my first crush on him, Spock is still a bit of alright!)

After doing the luggage run, we dropped by HD, also known as Bunnings House cos we are Aussies, oh and it is Home Deppo not Home Deepo to us. I brought home some stuff for Nathan's speaker project on the trailer (plus an extra bit of wood to replace a shelf on the horrid cheap bookshelf - I had too many knitting books on it (is there such a thing?) and the particle board shelf gave way). The cardboard tubes will become speaker "boxes." We'll be able to pain them all sorts of colours, stick photos on them, whatever.

Do you like the spiffy blue wheels? Nathan hooked them off and cleaned them up and spray painted them.

For all my efforts, I rewarded myself with a $2.49 African Violet. I am such a sucker for these plants. I should go to the meeting in Sunnyvale, get some quality plants with names on them rather than shop plants, which tend to be rather sad and often diseased.

And today? I thought I would be b*ggered. But I am not. I rode to WF and back without even noticing. Even my poor sore butt was like eh, whatever. Just get us a new saddle soon, OK?


PS I've been abandoned. DH is out with all the interns and visitors. Have to cook dinner and eat it by myself. Sniffle.