Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fare thee well

We are off again...

We came, we saw, we left again...

G'day all!

It has been a truly whirlwind trip home.  I've hardly had time to catch my breath and tomorrow we fly back to Seattle.

The wedding was lovely, the weather and tide could not have been better, and the wedding reception went totally off, thanks to some well applied nerf guns... I have a new sister in law, no more SIL2b.

I've caught up with my family and with nearly all the in laws, certainly all the ones who came to the wedding.

Pictures will follow but since I don't have my laptop with me, I have not downloaded them.

My test results are all fine and I just have to tough out the pain of the scar tissue (but it makes me feel dizzy because it feels wrong so I might get some pt done on it, see if that helps).

In some ways I don't want to leave but in others I can't wait to get back to Seattle and see what is happening there. Melbourne is Home, it has most of my closest family and a lot of my friends, but I sometimes find myself saying home and meaning Seattle.  It is where my Stuff is, it is where we don't have to live out of a suitcase (that gets very old very quickly), it is where nathan's job is...

On a completely unrelated note, I have yet another new watch... I keep destroying the bands of my watches and then losing them....

Anyway, we are off to the states again tomorrow morning so


Monday, April 16, 2012

Forward, into the future!

G'day all!

In a couple of hours we will be boarding our plane to LAX.  Guess we'd better get a wriggle on, eh?

Then to Oz!  Forward, into the future!  Hooray!

See you


Friday, April 13, 2012

Fishing for sympathy

G'day all!

I am straight up looking for sympathy.

I was out enjoying the sunshine on my bike this afternoon.  I was having a lovely ride.

Then when I went to take off after stopping at a stop sign, my chain slipped.  My shoe got stuck in the corrugations of my bike pedal, I rolled my ankle trying to pull it out, fell on some very delicate bits on the bike saddle, bruised my dominant hand and then toppled over sideways.

So I'm laying on the ground on my left side thinking OUCH!  Certain parts were saying OUCH somewhat louder than others.  Some indeed were screaming OUCH.  But I didn't hit my head.  I didn't even stun myself.  Falling over hurt so much less than I expected it to.

There's a car behind me, thankfully stopped otherwise it could have been very exciting indeed.

I pick me and Percy (the bike) up and drag us both to the side of the road, limping.  I rub things and check things - sprained ankle, check, sprained/bruised thumb/wrist, check, delicate bits screaming OUCH, check, bruised shins, check.  Anything else?

No.  I am sure I'll be sore tomorrow - after all I fell flat on my side, on a shoulder that has seen better days.

Well I was most of the way to my destination, so I wobbled back onto Percy and rode off carefully.  I bought the items I wanted, then checked something out and rang the doctors.

I have stitches.  And I'm still wobbly four hours later.

And I've been assured that it will feel worse in two or three days.

We have a visitor (or two) this weekend.  Thank heavens they are not staying with us because I was partway through reorganising and cleaning up.  Now I am heavily into icepacks and sitting on ring cushions.  I am not sure I will be much fun nor that our place will be either clean or tidy.

And I have two flights on Monday, one of which is for 14.5 hours.  I bet the air attendants will get to know me quite well, and will have a nice tale to giggle about.  As will anyone reading this blog.  But first, sympathy?  Or do I deserve it for riding my bike and trying to get fitter (getting regular exercise decreases chances of cancer recurring).


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little trail of woe

G'day all!

So I've hopped on the trolley bus (trolley lolly lo, don't ask me why trolley buses inspire me to say that whilst shopping trolleys, aka shopping carts for my American friends, don't) and I'm happily tidying up my stranded colourwork cardigan, when I hear the driver say "Wallingford." 

Wallingford is my stop so I pull the cord.  The bus screamed to a halt cos normally they say the name before they reach the stop.  Oops.   I gather up my bits and pieces hurriedly, shove them in the bag and hop off the bus.

The door to the Wallingford Centre, where you'll find Bad Woman yarn and the Wednesday knit night, is about hmm maybe 20 yards from where I got off the bus.  I'm sorta glad about that because as I started up the steps to the entrance, I had this weird sorta tugging feeling,


I looked down.


I am very glad that I don't need the rest of the white yarn, nor do I need that extra 15m of blue.  They were dragging behind me, the blue all the way to the gutter, like I needed to lay a thread behind me to find my way back to the bus stop, and of course it had been raining.  So not only was the yarn draped behind me, it was sodden already.  I gathered it up and a young couple gave me a boggled eye and a young woman smiled at me - she thought it was amusing.  So did I, if a bit embarrassing.

Could've been worse.  I could've left the remains of the blue ball on the bus and had it take off down the road on me.  That would've been fun!


PS - you wanna see the cardigan?  Wait!  Patience is a virtue, they say, and you'll probably need the patience of Job.  I have a gazillion ends to tie in and some bits to tidy up and buttons to get and button bands to sew down....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh my - missing in action!

G'day all!

I am such a slacker!  I have not blogged for weeks.  Pics for this post bear no relation to the content - they are the pics I have to hand.  And I hope they don't look as blurry as they do in preview mode cos they look awful.

It has been a busy few weeks.  I have built a lot of IKEA furniture (and have some pics to show for it).  I am a bit afraid of one particular item as it has now tasted blood (thanks to me being clumsy with the scissors opening the cardboard packaging) and I am not sure if it will want more.   The scissors have also tasted blood and we all know where that can lead....

Northern shoveller drake in his usual position.

Now that I am almost done with buying stuff at IKEA, I wonder if we should have joined IKEA family?  But too late, she cried, as she waved her wooden leg.  We are pretty much done.

The weather has varied from awful to OMG I'm so HOT!  These last couple of days have hit a whole 17-18-19-almost-20C!  And to think I thought that 20C was cold only four months ago.  Spring is definitely sprung, as any of my friends on G+ would be aware - I keep taking pics of flowering prunuses and malus-types on the phone and posting them there.  However, I reckon G+ is a dud - it is not engaging people the way Facebook does.  Still, I refuse to have a FB account.  Wonder how long that will last?
Tree.  Now with green leaves.
(Blogger wants to keep a nice white box there and won't let me delete it - the picture handling is still buggy it seems.)

Hmm, today (well yesterday now) marks four months in Seattle.  How time flies though I really thought that maybe Spring would never happen.

Are we all settled in?

Tortoises!  Red-eared sliders, alas.  Not indigenous.

Mostly.  We almost have all the furniture set up the way we want it.  You should see our plans for our bedroom - they are ambitious.  It all started when I said we should have a seaside theme for the room as the dresser (from guess where?) is blue.  Well then DH had to try a method of soundproofing to see if we could reduce the sound from the neighbour's noisy fan.  But the new fake wall is ugly and is being decorated.  I'll document it as we develop stuff but for the nonce, I will leave it to your imagination.

A Western Pond tortoise?  Wikipedia says they are locally extinct.

The study looks like it is going to be eclectic (read mismatched and bright) and the lounge/dining will settle towards green and maybe some turquoise if I can work that in somehow.  The kitchen alas is black and white.

I pretty much finished the knitting of my new cardie, and then realised the neck is much higher than I want it to be.  So I will rip it back a bit and work out a better neckline for me.  I want it fairly low - it should not cover the bulgy inner parts of my collarbones.

An immature male Mallard?  Or female something else?

We have been having a surprisingly entertained time watching a tv series about the Tube in London.  To watch it, you would think all of the Tube's workers are lovely, but I am sure there are plenty of mongrels on both sides of the fence.  Anyway, it has been making me want to go and ride around on the Tube a lot 8-)  Alas, I am a continent away and the Tube is not really that much fun (though on my only trip to London, it sure was amazing getting off at Green Park and going for a random walk to all these places I'd only seen on the tv - Downing St, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, thingo cathedral, Buckingham Palace...).

Cherry? blossom.  These trees are going nuts.

In a week, we are off to Oz for BiL's wedding.  I will have to change SiL2b to SiL after that, though really she's been SiL for quite some time now, they simply don't have the piece of paper saying so.  I just like to say SiL2b.  And I cannot wait to get my 18 month/21 month scans done cos I need to know if there are any problems.  I've been having lymphoedema issues recently - I started increasing my exercise level and my boob has puffed up which then impacts my arm.  I am pretty sure that it is because of increased exercise combined with hormones.  Looks like I'll have to go slower on it (ok, it doesn't pedal the bike or walk or anything, it just pretends to look pretty with a great fat scar on itbut it whines when the rest of us do things and take it along for the ride).  And whoever invented hormones should be shot.  Useless things - they just get us into all sorts of trouble.

Aircraft carrier - USS John C. Stennis
We were excited to see this ship go steaming (nuclearing?) up Puget Sound.  From a distance it looked like a very odd container ship.  Nathan said it had a 74 on the side, which sealed it as a US navy aircraft carrier, the USS John C Stennis, which is based just up the bay a bit.  Oops, sound.